Prime Minister Morrison says cyber attacks on Australia

Prime Minister Morrison says cyber attacks on Australia have increased

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Prime Minister Morrison says cyber attacks on Australia have increased. According to some sources, cyber attacks is increasing in different parts of the world. Hackers are targeting the powerful countries.

Also we know that Europe has shut down supercomputers after cyber attack

“As a prosperous country, Australia is being targeted by cyber-attacks targeting all levels of government, business, infrastructure, and critical infrastructure,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Australia’s hostile relationship with China has led to speculation that cyber-attacks may have taken place at a time when Prime Minister Morrison’s remarks about the cyber-attack came out without naming any country.

Morrison urges all citizens and governmental and non-governmental organizations to exercise caution, especially in health, problematic infrastructure, and basic services.

He said, ‘Cyber-attacks have been going on for months, targeting certain areas to steal information and harm the state through cyber interference’. Prime Minister Morrison said, “This cyber attack is being carried out by a competent agent with ties to a state. There don’t seem to be many people involved.”

“I am convinced that China has the potential to carry out such an attack on Australia,” said Peter Jennings, executive director of the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy.

Meanwhile, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lichian denied the allegations, saying China has been protesting and fighting against all wrongdoings, including cyber-attacks. “The allegations made by the Australian Institute are baseless and foolish,” Lichian told reporters on Friday.


Here we show what Prime Minister Morrison says cyber attacks on Australia He concludes that the cyberattacks have been increased.

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