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Engineers must pass the license examination,Passed by Engineering Council Bill Committee Nepal

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June 6, Kathmandu. Now engineers also have to take the license exam. The Development and Technology Committee of the House of Representatives has passed the Engineering Council Act Amendment Bill and made the examination for the license compulsory for the engineers. After the implementation of the Act, the students who have studied engineering will be able to work only after getting the license of the council.

Even before this, doctors, nurses and lawyers had been providing services only after passing the license exam. On Tuesday, the committee passed the bill and made arrangements for the license examination for engineers. The Engineering Council will have to take the license exam at least twice a year. The bill also includes a provision to revoke the licenses of engineers who do not follow professional standards.

The licenses of the engineers who do not follow the professional standards will be revoked by the council itself. The act provides for a 21-member engineering council. There is also a system of chairman and vice-chairman. The participation of all the provinces in the council has been ensured.

The bill makes the recommendation of the council mandatory when establishing a new engineering college and also recommends the council when starting a study on a new subject. Committee chairperson Kalyani Khadka said that the committee passed the bill enriching some of the issues sent by the Legislative Committee of the National Assembly.

“The bill has been passed after adequate discussions to make the engineering profession credible and quality,” Khadka said. After the committee submits the report of the bill to the House of Representatives, the House will pass it. After being passed by the assembly, it will be verified by the President and implemented as an act.


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