Twitter has launched the ‘Voice Tweet’ feature

Twitter launches the ‘Voice Tweet’ feature

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Twitter has launched the ‘Voice Tweet’ feature. Yes, you heard it right. Now you can tweet by your voice.

Most users of the micro-blogging site Twitter complain that the platform has some limitations in expressing their thoughts and feelings.

The biggest hurdle is the limit of letters. Sometimes the 280 character limit is very problematic and you have to tweet your things by dividing it into different sections. Due to the limitation of the letter, the user complains that he is not able to express what he wants to express in the right words.

But Twitter users are not going to complain like this from now onwards. Because of all these complaints from users, Twitter has launched a new feature.

Using this new feature, which is currently being tested, users will be able to tweet their message without typing any letters. In other words, with the voice feature released by Twitter, now Twitter users will be able to record their voice and tweet.

This will remove the hassle of typing letters and typing letters within the boundaries of Twitter users. Here users will be able to tweet their thoughts and feelings in voice.

‘Voice Tweet’ feature

For voice tweets, users will be able to record up to 140 seconds of audio and tweet.

If you can’t finish talking in 140 seconds, another new voice tweet will be created as a thread.

As soon as you have finished recording the voice you want to tweet, you have to tap the end record button and then go to the composer screen and tweet it. The voice tweet will also look like the user’s timeline like other literal tweets.

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According to Twitter, the feature is currently being tested and is only available to a few Apple users. However, in the next few weeks, this feature of Twitter will be available to all iOS users, according to Twitter.

Twitter has not said when the voice tweet feature on Android phones will start.


Twitter is the most used social media site in this world. People express their thoughts on this platform. This new feature provides the user to tweet their thoughts by recording their voice.

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