chrome update on tabs group

Update on Chrome tabs- makes 10% faster than before

Google is updating on Google Chrome Tabs those people who will open multiple tabs open to complete their tasks. The company announced several new features to tabs on its popular Google Chrome browser on Tuesday, including a performance update that it says will be 10 % faster than before. Groups the related Google Chrome tabs […]

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Mistake everyone does while charging phone.

4 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make While Charging Your Phone

Mobile phones become the basic need for people in this 21st century. While charging a phone, there are certain mistakes. Here are the 4 mistakes you shouldn’t make while charging your Phone. 1. You’re always charging it up to 100% It may put your mind at ease when your smartphone’s battery reads 100 percent charge, […]

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how many plugin are better for wordpress

How many plugin is too many in WordPress?

Once you have a WordPress site up and running it’s tempting to extend its functionality by adding plugins and then you go on the internet and you start searching for plugins and you’ll find lots of tutorials that tell you how to do things with plugins.  One of the great powers of WordPress is the plugin capability where you can say I […]

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is wordpress secure

Is WordPress Secure?

Every six months or so, there’s some news story about how insecure WordPress is. It generally sounds something like, there was a major breach where hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites are vulnerable due to some sort of security flaw, usually in a plug-in or some sort of other ancillary systems to WordPress. And any time that story comes up, people immediately ask […]

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