How websites are hacked, how can we prevent?

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Nowadays, Different websites and applications are hacking days by day. Do you know how many websites are hacked daily? Do you have any idea why websites are hacked? If you are a website owner or any system running in your organization where leakage of data from your system may harm your organization’s growth. Here are some ways of how websites are hacked and how can we prevent from hacking.

Server Maintenance

Server where you host your application files and folder thus server need to protected well and should well maintain.

How to prevent the server from hacking?
Change default server Username and Password from the respective server.
Disable of the unused server port.
Changer server folder and file permission.
Handle server and website/system maintenance self by system organization

Use SSL Certificate

When your application is on-air you came up with a unique domain name with the different formats as or Ignorance of the SSL certificate for your website could be the reason why websites are hacked.

Domain should prevent with SSL certificate which makes your domain a secure domain without the SSL domain will look like Thus https is a secure domain which encrypts your requested information URL and sends it to the server. where the HTTP type domain will get information about your personal information also can get your credit card information when you used online transactions with the Http domain.

Nowadays every server will provide an SSL certificate for all domains, but also you can get a free SSL certificate or you can buy for it also.

Attack From Input Field

Injection of the different scripts with different SQL queries to your server and database will response to it where your data can be edited.deleted or updated where you will lose your information.

Preventing and validation of input field text, number, email, etc and should also validate for file uploading. It can be one of the reasons why websites are hacked daily.

How can we prevent from this?

For each and every input field in server it should be validate from client site to server side validation with defining specific input parameter whereas discard different input parameter differ from the requirement.

Validate from client-side whether a required file format is uploaded as per system requirement or not. For Example, uploading the image of the jpg field should not upload in pdf file format.

Use recaptcha after form field submission.

SQL Injection

SQL injection injects the SQL queries via the input field from the client-side to the application. where the application will respond in accordance with query injected, SQL injection allows hackers to view data that they are not normally able to retrieve. It is the easiest way to hack many websites.

How can we prevent from this?

It could be major step on how to prevent php website from hacking.

Only one way to prevent SQL Injection attack is input validation and parameterized queries including prepared statements.

The developed application code should not use the input directly where the developer should sanitize all input fields.

XSS Attack

XSS (Cross-site Scripting) is a type of injection where different malicious scripts are injected into our application from the client-side input field. The XSS Scripting code can run continuously when some events happen in an application. Does it give a concept of how many websites are hacked daily?

How can we prevent from this?

This could be one way to prevent word-press website from hacking.

One way to prevent the XSS attack is escaping user input, it means ensuring the security of user input data before rendering to end-user.

Another way will ensure user input data, rendering the correct data nad preventing malicious data from harming the site, database, and users.

And another way will be sanitizing user input.

Disable Debugging mode

When an application is developed in the development phase application will be in debugging mode but when the application will be hosted in the server or application is an on-air debugging mode on the application should off. Otherwise, all the username password will be visible. It is an easier way to prevent WordPress website from hacking.

Delete unnecessary file and folder from the application

When the application is under development, it consists of different unused or different debugging files. One should remove these files and folders or change the permission of them. You can use this approach if you want an idea on how to avoid website hacking.

Use of Scam third party plugins

There will be so more plugins free or premium once your applications or websites have developed from CMS. Those free plugins will have some scam or there will be some loophole. Everyone should use the plugins with good ratings and reviews should. It could be the best approach on how to prevent website hacking.

Investment on Security

If your application has regular user activities that bring more investment returns from your application then you should invest in the security of your application. There should be an inhouse application security specialist that handles all server activities and system activities. It is a useful and most important way to be carried out to prevent the WordPress website from hacking.

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Use Google search console

If your application is on the internet then add your application in google search console. It will identify your malicious application activities and send you through email where you can fixed application error. It is the easiest approach on how to prevent the WordPress website from hacking.

Update System Regularly

There will be different updates on technology and different bugs will found in the application once your application has developed. After a time system should update in accordance with technology update all plugins packages and libraries. It plays a major role in ways to prevent website hacking.


You should know how many websites are hacked a day? Thus security is the main con-son in an application where many users will interact within an application. These are some of the ways to prevent website hacking.

Comment below which method you use to prevent your website from hacking.

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