Google new shopping app Shoploop

Google new shopping app with video

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Technology giant Google is about to launch a new shopping app. Online shopping has become popular these days. Keeping this thing in mind, Google is bringing a new shopping app with a video called ‘Shoploop’.

The developers believe that some new experiments have started in the new app. And it will make human life much easier.

The members of the team created by Google to create the app called Shoploop have claimed that it will be a new place for consumers and sellers.

Recently, Google brings a new social media app.

The new app also allows you to watch a maximum of 90 seconds of video. This video will provide information about the items for sale.

Lux Pujari, general manager of Shoploop, has expressed the belief that the video placed in the app will make the consumer feel like going to the store and looking at the goods.

Hoping that Google new shopping app with video, Shoploop will meet the customers satisfaction.

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