Vianet launches the Zoom application

Vianet launches the Zoom application

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Vianet has brought an offer of a zoom video conferencing app. Zoom’s video conferencing app is offering paid subscriptions to Zoom in partnership with official reseller Genesis Solutions. Vianet launches the Zoom application.

Vianet is one of the most popular internet service providers in Nepal. It surprises its user with new services and offers. Now, Vianet customers can get special discounts by subscribing to Zoom through Vianet.

The popularity of the Zoom application is increasing due to lock-down. This application allows video conferencing from remote areas. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the employee cannot do all the office works in the office. Employees have struck in their home so they perform their work from their home. They perform video calls and handle meetings.

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Due to COVID-19, all organizations and institutions are now conducting their daily work through video conferencing / meeting app like Zoom.

Some of the advantages of paid membership over unpaid membership are as described below. 24-hour group meeting (only 40 minutes on unpaid), the host can upgrade to more than 1000 members or view only 10,000 attendees and automatically generate meeting points by speech-to-text transcription also available in it.

Vianet launches the Zoom application which provides benefits to online works.

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