Google brings a new social media app

Google brings a new social media app

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Google is surprising us every year with its new and innovative technologies. Google brings a new social media app, Google Currents.

It has unveiled its new social media app. Google’s new social media app is called Google Current. Google Currents is a new version of Google Plus that Google has already discontinued.

Google has made Google Current available on both Play Store and Appstore platforms. However, this app is currently only available to business paid customers and not to the general public.

It is unknown at this time that when it will available to all the google users.

Explaining the new app in the Play Store, Google said, “Through this app, users will be able to connect with their friends, exchange documents, and get information about various activities of their organization.”

According to analysts, with the closure of Google Plus, the new app is more likely to attract users waiting for Google’s social media platform.

According to a website called Nine to Five Google, logging in to Google Plus’ web address will now redirect you to the Google Currents page. Google shut down its Google Plus platform in 2018.

Google shut down the platform after a bug in Google’s application programming interface. It revealed that millions of user data had been stolen.

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