10 successful years of Instagram

Wow ! 10 successful years of Instagram and many more to go


Popular social media application Instagram completes 10 successful years and many more to go. Instagram is more popular among youths and also for online shopping stores. Facebook-owned Instagram has added new features in its 10th anniversary for better and best user experience.

Instagram is usually popular for posting photos as it display high quality photos. It starts story adding feature. It adds new feature like Stories map. Other new feature includes hiding offensive comments and expand warning signs.

The new feature Stories map is a private feature that shows users stories’ maps and a calendar of stories shared for the past 3 years. Users can save, download, and share as highlights these stories.

Instagram also adds a new feature to hide the offensive and disturbing comments as a privacy feature. Users have to tap the View Hidden Comments option to see the hidden comments. Comments that violate social norms will be removed from Instagram as before.

The feature Nudge Warnings will send a warning message to the users while writing the offensive comments. It will discourage those who want to make disrespectful and discourteous comments and motivate users to correct their displeasing comments.

About Instagram New Features

In addition, Instagram is going to add ten new beneficial features. Selfie Sticker, Emoji, Watch together, and Vanish mode are some of the newly added features. Vanish mode feature is like Snapchat chat where messages sent to someone will vanish once the recipient sees the messages.

Meanwhile, Facebook has announced that it will merge Instagram’s direct messaging service with Facebook’s Messenger platform. With this new integration, Messenger app users will now be able to send messages to friends who use Instagram without having to use Instagram. In addition, Instagram users will be able to send messages to Facebook Messenger.

Instagram release TikTok like application Reels

Don’t forget to share your excitement to use the new features of Instagram. We would like to congratulate Instagram on 10 successful years of Instagram and many more to go.

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