amazon trading liquor in india

Amazon trading in liquor in India

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Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce company, is set to trade liquor online in West Bengal, India. Yes, you heard it right, Amazon is trading in liquor in India. At the same time, Amazon is set to enter the multi-billion dollar Indian liquor business.

Last Friday, the West Bengal State Beverage Corporation issued a notice. According to the report, Amazon is one of the companies eligible to register for online retail of beverages in West Bengal. The notice also informs Amazon to come to sign the MoU with the state government.

Not only Amazon, but also India’s online grocery store Big Basket, an investment of Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, has been allowed to trade liquor online in West Bengal.

Swiggy and Jomato, two other online food companies in India, have started online liquor sales in some cities since last month.

Remember that West Bengal is the fourth most populous state in India where the population is 90 million. Amazon’s interest in West Bengal’s liquor business is seen as meaningful. Alcohol worth 27.2 billion is traded annually in India. As soon as it enters West Bengal, Amazon will be eyeing the huge market across India.

In India, the world’s second most populous country, Amazon has recently expanded its e-commerce business. It has announced an additional अर्ब 6.5 billion in the coming days to further strengthen its presence in the Indian market.

In India, liquor was banned in various states last March following a Lock-down caused by the coronavirus. But in many states, the liquor trade has skyrocketed with the opening of Lock-down. With the easing of the ban on liquor, a large crowd of customers was seen in liquor shops in India last May.

However, with the epidemic of the corona virus on the rise, all consumers are still reluctant to go to the store to buy alcohol, and the liquor industry is demanding that the government open up the online liquor trade.

Remember that every state in India has implemented its own liquor sales policy. Just last month, the West Bengal government called on the licensed retail outlets interested in ordering, buying and selling liquor online and delivering it to customers’ homes. Accordingly, Amazon company has also been selected by applying.

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