Facebook has brought a new app to beat the TikTok

Facebook has brought a new app to beat the TikTok

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Facebook has unveiled a new app to compete with the popular video-sharing app TikTok. Facebook has brought a new app to beat the TikTok.

Facebook’s experimental app department has created a new app called Collab.

Facebook’s new app is currently only available in beta for Apple users. This app will bring creators and their fans together. It will be a music making app in which users can create and upload their own video to any song.

In its official post, Facebook said, “Together with Collab, we’ve streamlined technology where people can combine original music videos to unleash their creative potential.”

In this app, users can create their own short video in any music. This video is divided into three parts and all three videos are done one after the other. Different instruments can be used in the music of the three videos or you can record one part yourself and record the other two parts with two other friends and mix the videos of the three together to make an integrated video.

Once a video has been created, users can post it on their wall. Other users can view the posted video and used it to recreate their own videos. Videos posted on Colab can also share on Instagram, Facebook Stories, and other platforms.

Facebook, which has been bringing one new service after another lately, had recently unveiled its group calling app Ketchup. Facebook is currently testing the Ketchup app in the United States. Available to some Apple and Android users. In this new app, you can connect up to 8 people in a group call.

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Facebook has brought a new app to beat the TikTok. Facebook is releasing new services that benefit users. Previously, it launches a Facebook shop to help in digital marketing.

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