Japanese company made Smart mask now you can call from the mask

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Japanese company made a Smart mask now you can call from the mask. The Japanese company is developing new and innovative technologies and surprise the world. Yes, you heard it right now you can call from the smart mask.

While coronavirus vaccination is still unlikely in the near future, the best option for now is to take precautions. The best way to prevent coronavirus infections is to use sanitizers and masks.

Considering the situation here, a Japanese company has developed a sophisticated face mask. The state-of-the-art mask is also connected to Bluetooth.

The smart face mask can be used to send messages, make phone calls and even translate from Japanese to 8 other languages.

The mask made by Donut Robotics is named C Mask. It is made of white plastic, has a Bluetooth connection.

The mask can be connected to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth with the help of an app. The app also converts speech into words.

The mask also amplifies the sound of the words spoken by the person. The mask can be worn over any other normal mask.

The starting price of the mask is $40. Commercial production of this mask will start from next September and initially, 5000 pieces will be sent to the market. The company aims to sell the mask in China, Europe, and the United States in the future.

Considering these situation tweeter has also came up with voice tweet.

“We’ve worked hard for years to develop robots,” said Taisuke Ono, the company’s CEO. We have created this mask using the same technology to adapt to the society that has now been changed by the coronavirus. ‘

Thus to make your life easier smartphone you must have in your phone

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