Google won't store social media photos

Google won’t store social media photos

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Yes, you heard it right Google won’t store social media photos. Google will stop automatically storing photos and videos from social media in the Google Photos app. Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

According to a recent decision by Google, photos, and videos received by users through social media platforms will no longer be automatically ‘backed up’ in the Google Photos app.

Google said the decision had made to save Internet resources. As users shared more photos and videos during the Coronavirus epidemic said Google.

Google Photos captures the user’s device storage as well as bandwidth.

YouTube and Netflix, among others, have already decided to reduce Internet traffic. In order to reduce the pressure on the Internet and prevent Internet crashes around the world.

The apps affected by the recent decision not to store social media content in Google Photos are as follows. Facebook, Hello, Instagram, LINE, Messages, Messenger, Snapchat, Twitter, Viber, and WhatsApp.

However, photos and videos which have already backed up to Google Photos will not be affected.

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Remember that some apps, including WhatsApp, have the option to disable the option to store videos and photos in the Google app itself.

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