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Top 5 ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Nepal

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Are you planning to join the internet service in your place? Are you in search of the best internet service provider? Don’t worry now we are here to provide you with the Top 5 ISP (Internet Service Provider) in Nepal | Best ISP in Nepal.

What is ISP?

An ISP (Internet service provider) is a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the Internet and other related services. An ISP also has the equipment and the telecommunication line access required to have a point-of-presence on the Internet for the geographic area served.

Top 5 ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Nepal


Worldlink is one of the largest and widely used internet service providers in Nepal. It provides the fastest internet service to customers. It also provides Net TV facilities with special offers. Special offers are given to the customer on special occasions. One also can get different offers and discounts with special packages.

World Link speed ranges from 25 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 60 Mbps. To know more about this ranges Click Here. We can get services like Residental Broadband, SME Broadband, Enterprise, and many more. We can pay the bills in Worldlink Offices, Internet Banking, Payment as well as Bank deposit.

You will get technical services, support services as well as all the technical support needed by the customer. There are many branches of World Link. You can also contact the World Link easily to get internet services in your place. It is the most used ISP in Nepal.

World link location of Pokhara Office: Mobile Tower, Mahendrapool, Pokhara-9, Kaski
World link phone number Pokhara Office: 980-1523052


Vianet Communications P. Ltd. is the leading provider of high-speed Internet connectivity and communications solutions for businesses and individuals all over Nepal. It provides internet solutions to all users, also provides Net Tv where users can experience quality channels.

It also provides special offers and packages for various occasions. Vianet also helps the customer to get a wide range of internet service at affordable prices and provides various services like Home Plan, SOHO Plan, Corporate Plan, and Net Tv. If you want to know the details about the services Visit.

Vianet pokhara office location: Naya Bazar, Pokhara
Contact number vainet Head office: 01-5970444, 9801046410

Best ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Nepal


Wimax stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It has been launched by Nepal Telecom from Chaitra 14, 2069 to general users. Internet speed ranges from 256 Kbps to 2 Mbps. It is the best ISP in Nepal.

To access the service, you need to have a separate WiMAX device (CPE-Customer Premises Equipment) connected to USB of your computer or your mobile/computer may already have the WiMAX support.

WiMAX Customer Support: 4239816, 4239817 (Sundhara)

Wimax Plan

Classic Tech

Classic Tech a licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Network Service Provider (NSP) that was formed in July 2009 and has since shown the fastest growth and attained a high level of customer confidence to become the preferred and the leading ISP/NSP in Nepal.  Its aim is to provide the fastest and reliable services that are carefully analyzed while meeting the actual demand of the customers.

It also provides the home packages services with the internet of range 25 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 35 Mbps, 40 Mbps, and 60 Mbps. These internet ranges are provided with special packages at an affordable cost. It is the most used ISP in Pokhara.

Kathmandu Head Office Address: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Classic tech contact number: 9801006633


Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2001. It is the first and the only cable internet service provider in the country and the only cable operator in Nepal to have ISO 9001:2015 and 27001:2013 certifications.

Subisu Offers cable modem system to individual users through the Co-axial cable so that end users are getting the facility of Cable TV and Digital TV through the same communication cable.

It provides better internet facilities to the customers. Use of optical fiber from ISP infrastructure directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses to provide unprecedented high-speed Internet access.

For Home Users
Subisu contact number: 01-4235888,9801235888
For Hotel And Apartment Service
Subisu phone number: 01-4426749,01-4235888
For NTA Projects Only Dhading, Makwanpur & Gorkha
Toll-Free: 16600159999


Here we conclude with the Top 5 ISP(Internet Service Provider) in Nepal | Best 5 ISP in Nepal. I hope you get the knowledge of ISP and you have better internet facilities at your place.

What is your experience of using these Internet Service Providers? Comment below. Thank you

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