PUBG’s creator is excited to ‘get dirty again’ with new studio.


For as long as two years, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene has for the most part been out and about, making a trip to occasions over the world in help of the diversion that bears his name, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. “I’ve been taking a gander at things from an abnormal state position instead of getting my hands filthy,” he says of the most recent couple of years. In this way, alongside the initiative at PUBG Corp., Greene chose to switch bearings.

Two weeks back he reported another endeavor called PUBG Special Projects; while despite everything he’ll be watching out for PUBG, Greene is presently driving a little — and developing — group looking for something new. “I’m anticipating Special Projects since I get the chance to get messy again and get my hands into that,” he says.

It’s still early days for the new studio. Greene says he’s been working with a little group of around five designers throughout the previous two months, and he moved from Seoul to Amsterdam as a component of the move. (The move was additionally made for individual reasons, enabling Greene to live in Europe and be a lot nearer to his little girl.) Special Projects was reported only on the ball Developers Conference in San Francisco a week ago, partially with the goal that they could draw ability. “That is our concentrate at the present time, endeavoring to locate those skilled individuals who need to abandon their inner self simply make something extraordinary,” Greene says.


Given the embryonic condition of the undertaking, it’s not clear what sorts of diversions we’ll see out of Special Projects. Be that as it may, Greene says he’s been sans given rein to investigate new thoughts. “There’s no weight here to fabricate PUBG 2 or the following incredible amusement,” he clarifies. “Fight royale [and] PUBG originated from me needing to make an amusement that I needed to play. That is the thing that I need to accomplish for the following thing: ‘This is a diversion I need to play, how about we check whether I can make it.’ There isn’t that weight of ‘You should make a hit,’ which is a gift. It truly is a gift to have that sort of certainty from our supervisory group.”

Greene says that whatever sort of diversion the studio winds up making, he’s fundamentally keen on investigating how to utilize intuitiveness and online spaces to unite individuals. “How might we use diversions to share distinctive encounters, diverse emotions? I’m simply intrigued by the utilization of online space to interface individuals, and I need to investigate that and how we can push that and perhaps associate more individuals, or attempt to give individuals a special encounter,” he clarifies.

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