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What if the TikTok rating goes negative?

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TikTok is a short video sharing social network services platform owned by ByteDance a Chinese company. From few days the TikTok ratings are declining. What if the TikTok rating goes negative?

TikTok has seen its rating to 1.6 from 4.8 stars in the last one week on google play store after internet war between a youtube influencer and tiktok creator in india. Its started when tiktok creator Amir Siddiqui posted a video on instagram calling

From this situation TikTok rating is being 1.6 till today and decreasing day to day if this rating is being negative what will happen does it remove from google play store or not?

TikTok can’t remove a review from Google Play Store for their own app. Google is cleaning up the reviews since the users are violating their Rating and Review guidelines. As per the guidelines, the review should be related to the app/service and not about anything else. In the case of TikTok  Google has a look at the flagged reviews and removes them if there is a violation.

From this scenario who never used TikTok even once downloaded the App and gave it the lowest rating and posted a bad review to show their protest And after that they straight away uninstalled the App from their phone. Now here is a thing, for a review to be considered as a genuine GPS, a user must use the App or keep it installed in his/her Android phone at least for 2 days (48 hours); otherwise it is considered as spam.

TikTok’s rate is decreasing day by day.

Because of this policy, when GPS started evaluating reviews it must have found out that users have already uninstalled the App, and therefore it must have considered them as a spam review and thus must have removed to make room for genuine feedbacks from genuine users.

As we mention TikTok  cannot delete a review/ rating but can report them to the GPS. Tiktok could have taken this step in order to protect their image and ratings from falling further. And GPS must have acted as per their policy!

It’s certain that Google is deleting one star reviews it believes are fake; they’ve recently been tackling spam reviews on other apps such as WhatsApp,SnapChat where reviews mention it being a game!

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Its a certain that google doesn’t delete application of one star,where tiktok can report them to the GPS for scam reviews but if there will be a genuine review than app will be kick out from playstore.

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