Google is investing 10 billion dollars in India

Google is investing 10 billion dollars in India

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In India, the world’s second-most populous country, the world’s largest companies have begun to invest heavily. Last April, Facebook invested dollars 5.7 billion in Indian Geo. Now, Google is investing 10 billion dollars in India.

Less than three months after Facebook announced its investment in India, Google has announced a 10 billion dollars investment.

At a recent event, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, announced that Google would invest 10 billion dollars in India over the next five to seven years.

During the Google for India 2020 program, he said that Google’s investment will be in the form of equity, partnership, physical infrastructure, and environmental investment. According to him, Google’s investment will focus on four important areas of India’s digitization.

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These will include providing easy digital access and information in the languages ​​prevalent in India, producing goods and services based on Indian needs, supporting businesses for digital transformation. Also, facilitating the use of artificial intelligence and technology in social sectors such as health, education, and agriculture.

According to Google CEO, 26 million small and medium enterprises in India can now be found in Google search. Google is investing 10 billion dollars in India to provide IT related facilities in India.

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