Apple releases new Apple Watch bands and watchfaces to celebrate pride

Apple today released its new Apple Watch Sport Band for 2020 Pride, along with a matching band from Nike. It releases new Apple Watch bands and watchfaces to celebrate pride. Apple has released special Pride bands for the last couple of years, but this is the first time Nike has also joined in with the […]

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highest donors to fight against corona virus

10 highest donors in the War against Corona Virus

The Corona Virus has infected 4,117,417 people worldwide and killed nearly 280,702 people also, 1,446,776 people recovered till today. We provide the name of 10 highest donors in the war against Corona Virus. The Corona Virus epidemic has immobilized the world’s economy. Also, it has led to a huge sum of money being spent on […]

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Object | Class | Polymorphism | Encapsulation

OOPS CONCEPTS Object-oriented refers to a programming language, system or software methodology that is built on the concepts of logical objects. It also works through the creation, utilization, and manipulation of reusable objects to perform a specific task, process or objective. Object | Class | Polymorphism | Encapsulation | Data Abstraction. Object | Class | […]

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iPhone in most Affordable Price|iPhone-SE

iPhone at the most affordable price for mid-range customers. Apple introduces iPhone SE to the mid-range users again after it was discontinued in 2018. It mainly targets mid-range customers which is an affordable phone with many specifications. It also was the brand that lures everyone to use iPhone. Some specifications of the iPhone in the […]

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Panchey Baaja application

Find a suitable boy or girl in the “Panchey Baaja” application

Are you tired of searching suitable boy or girl for marriage? Do you want to meet your future life partner? You are in the right place, here we present the “Panchey Baaja” application in the Google play store and apple store. You can also find a suitable bride or groom at home. Half Full Technology […]

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Ncell's new voice pack offer

Wow, Ncell’s new voice package, 28 paisa per minute

Ncell Axiata Limited has introduced two new voice packs for its prepaid customers. Ncell’s new voice package offer, 28 paisa per minute. Under this, customers will still be able to avail voice services with their friends and family at affordable rates. These new voice packs will be available for customers from November 18 (Thursday). Prepaid […]

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Seo service pokhara nepal

SEO Services that Grow Traffic and Increase Revenue – Pokhara, Nepal

If you're looking for serious business growth, SEO, or search engine optimization is the strategy for you. Why does it work? Simple! It targets the users that are most likely to convert on your website, and takes them there. Here we are here to help you for Best SEO service in Pokhara Nepal A custom [...]Continue Reading
Best digital marketing Service in Pokhara

Digital Marketing Service in Pokhara – SEO Service

Digital marketing is component of marketing through the use of the internet, mobile device, social media, search engine (google, bing, yahoo, etc) and other channels to reach your potential customer. Here we offer the Best digital marketing service in Pokhara. Today’s world is a digital world that each and everyone requires this strategy to upgrade […]

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10 successful years of Instagram

Wow ! 10 successful years of Instagram and many more to go

Popular social media application Instagram completes 10 successful years and many more to go. Instagram is more popular among youths and also for online shopping stores. Facebook-owned Instagram has added new features in its 10th anniversary for better and best user experience. Instagram is usually popular for posting photos as it display high quality photos. […]

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Internet service from Nepal Telecom at affordable rates

Wow! Nepal Telecom Internet Service to Students at affordable rates

The government has implemented the decision to provide Nepal Telecom internet service to students at affordable rates. This service is available through Nepal Telecom. Students will activate this service themselves. Here we provide the details and steps to activate the service. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to provide fast and easy […]

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Court block us preparations to ban WeChat

What! The US plans ban WeChat but Court blocked the plan

A US court has blocked the Trump administration’s plans to ban Chinese messaging and payment app WeChat. Recently, US prepares to ban TikTok. NOw, US prepares to ban WeChat but Court blocked the plan. U.S. Magistrates’ Court Judge Laurel Bealer has ruled that the ban raises serious questions about the constitutional right to freedom of […]

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Youtube and online income in Nepal's bank account

Good news! Youtube and online income in Nepal’s bank account

Nepal Rastra Bank has made arrangements to deposit the Youtube and online income in Nepal’s bank account. NRB has made arrangements to transfer foreign currency from abroad to Nepal through financial services including e-commerce. NRB is issuing notices to banks and financial institutions, licensed payment system operators, and payment service providers. This notice is especially […]

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TikTok rejects microsoft offer

What! TikTok rejects Microsoft’s Offer

What! TikTok rejects Microsoft’s offer. TikTok has rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy US services. The Chinese company has rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy the popular video-sharing app. US President Donald Trump’s ultimatum to TikTok to sell his US service to a US company expires on Tuesday. In that case, Microsoft said that TikTok has rejected […]

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