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What! Users Data leakage on Popular Social Media Facebook

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Yes, there is a data leakage on popular social media site Facebook. It has been revealed that the personal details of 533 million users of Facebook have been leaked online.

According to Business Insider, the data of more than half a billion Facebook users from 106 countries is available for free on hacking forums. Elon Gall, chief technical officer of cybersecurity research company Hudson Rock, discovered the data leak.

It is considered one of the largest online leaks in history, 60 million Indian Facebook users have been affected by the incident. Data on 32 million American and 11 million British Facebook users has also been leaked.

What type of information included in leaked data?

The details of the exited users include their phone number, location, date of birth, Facebook ID, person details and details of email address. There is a risk that cyber criminals may misuse such free and open data online to blackmail users.

Facebook has not commented on the hackers’ release of millions of user data online. However, since user data is now available on the Internet, there is no alternative to protect the hacked user data.

Facebook has been repeatedly dragged into the controversy over the protection of users’ personal data and privacy. Although this is not the first time users’ data has been leaked, it is not unfamiliar for half a billion people’s personal data to be leaked all at once.

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