The future of three hundred and 99 students of Pokhara University is in dilemma.


Today, the daily news magazine has published that the future of students of the undergraduate level management faculty of the first semester is disconcerte at Pokhara University.

These students don’t get a chance to appear in examination due to this the examination of about 20,000 students has been suspended.

Due to the unclear recruitment information of Pokhara University.

The colleges did not accept the examination of the students after the university did not allow the students studying. Various programs of management in their colleges.

Which were brought up at the minimum grade point average (GIP) 2.0 in class 11 and 12.

The university had reported in the last 10 days to submit a new grade student. The transcript issued by the National Examination Board above 2.0
mentioned C grade . Based on these criteria, colleges had admitted students in the last place.

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