starting SEO course || Unit 1

Starting SEO course || Unit 1


Before starting an SEO course you should declare yourself you are interested to learn with your passion not by your friends, relatives referer as they Earn more.

It is better to become a master in one field rather than digging on every field. First Select one niche that you are familiar with. Become a master in one rather become jack on every field, So Select your favorite niche.

If you are directly on this post please visit post for basic to know about seo before starting.

Pick a niche

If you select a niche (area) at first it will help you make a lot of progress in a short period of time. These are some of the profitable niche worldwide who are looking for SEO Services.

The more you become specialized to perform SEO the more you have earning opportunities and easy learning.

You can choose the topic of your own interest that helps you to focus on your work.

Here I present some of the profitable niches you could pick. They are Travel, Personal Blog, E-commerce website, banking, health, Software Company, entertainment, etc.

And you should keep in mind that the niche like restaurant could not be as effective as you think of it. So, you should be very careful which picking such niche.

If you are in dilemma to pick a niche. You can start with your personal blog.

Tools you need before starting SEO course

There are thousands of tools for performing SEO. Here I suggest some of the tools required for starting SEO course.

The words that you type in SEO are keywords.

Keyword Research Tools: These tools provide you the keywords that any user type in Search Engines to get search their desired information.
– Google Keyword Planner (FREE) ([](
– Answer the Public (FREE) ([](
– Google Trends (FREE) ([](
– Ubersuggest (FREE) ([](
– Keywords Everywhere (Browser Extension) ([](
– SEMRush – Keyword Magic Tool (we’ll check through it) ([](
– Moz – Keyword Explorer ([](

SEO Audit Tools
– Search Console (Free) ([](
– Screaming Frog (Free) ([](
– SEMRush – Paid ([](
– (Recommended for this Course / I will share access for this course)*
– Ahrefs – Paid ([](
– Moz – Paid ([](

Project Management Tools
– Trello (Free) ([](
– Asana (Free) ([](

Communication Tools
– Slack (Free) ([](
– Zoom Free (Video Conference and Meeting) ([](
– Loom (for sending and receiving feedback) ([](
– WhatsApp ([](

Publishing Platforms
– WordPress (Free or Self Hosted) => Support Forum ([](
– Medium ([](
– Wix ([](
– Blogger ([](

This is a starting course for SEO beginners. Comment your views on how well you like the course. Visit unit 2 on More on Keywords

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