Samsung decreases Smartphone prices

samsung decreases smartphone prices

As we all know Samsung has the phone for all price ranges. Now, Samsung decreases smartphone prices in the Nepali market. It is equally affordable to mid-range people also it has equal popularity to the high range of people.

The company has reduced the price of four models of smartphones available in the Nepali market.

The following table shows the Samsung decreases smartphone price:

ModelOld Price (Rs.)New Price (Rs.)Discount (Rs.)
Galaxy Note 10 Lite67,59958,9998,600
Galaxy A71 53,59949,9993,600
Galaxy A51 41,29939,9991,300
Tab A 10.134,29932,2992,000
Samsung Smartphones Price in Nepal
samsung decreases smartphone prices
Samsung Galaxy A51

As we all know, Samsung’s recently released mid-range Galaxy A51 has been the topselling Android phone globally in the first quarter of 2020

Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Samsung has also reduced the price of Galaxy Note Ten Lite, Ace Seven One, and A Five One. Samsung has also reduced the price of the Tab Ten.

Galaxy Note 10 Lite
samsung decreases smartphone prices
Samsung Galaxy A71

Don’t forget to comment on your views on theses smartphones if you have used. We hope you will get best Samsung decreases smartphone prices.

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