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Samsung Galaxy A51 become the best selling phone in the World in Q1 2020

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Yes, you heard it right. Samsung Galaxy A51 become the best selling phone in the world in Q1 2020. With its outstanding features and midrange price worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy A51 has emerged as the best selling phone in the world in Q1 2020 according to strategy analytics.

Strategy Analysis

The Xiaomi Redmi 8, Samsung Galaxy S20+, Galaxy A10s, Xiaomi Redmi Note 8, and Galaxy A20s are among the top 6 sellers during Q1 2020.

According to the data research firm Strategy Analytics, Samsung Galaxy A51 topping the sales charts for this early portion of the year 2020.

Among the Android segment, Samsung took 4 of the top 6 positions worldwide in Q1 2020, while Xiaomi grabbed two.

Samsung Galaxy A51 (4G) is the world’s number one best selling Android smartphone model. Also, it is accounted for a 2.3% share of all smartphones shipped globally in the quarter.

Samsung’s A51 smartphone is popular in all regions, particularly across Europe and Asia.

Due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19, there is some level of financial uncertainty for the buyers and manufacturers. However, 86% of all smartphones shipped worldwide during the quarter. There is a dropping of smartphones global shipments by 13 percent in the first quarter of the year. Samsung Galaxy managed to become the best selling phone in 2020.

Here is some of the best phones based on their features:

  • camera: iPhone 11 Pro
  • Best for clean software: Google Pixel 3a
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus
  • Display: OnePlus 8 Pro
  • Best for fast charging: Oppo Find X2 Pro
  • iPhone: iPhone 11
  • Best for specs: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
  • Big phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  • For Google: Google Pixel 4
  • Value flagship: Xiaomi Mi 9
  • Best Value 5G: OnePlus 8

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Samsung Galaxy A51 becomes the highest-selling phone of Q1 2020. Share your experience of using this phone in the comment box below.

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