Tech sector in corona

UK tech sector begs for help to get through the crisis

The UK’s high-growth tech companies say they need help from the government to get through the coronavirus crisis – and at the moment they are not getting it. That was the message of a letter to the chancellor from 12 leaders of some of the country’s best-known tech businesses. They include Babylon, Citymapper, Deliveroo and […]

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Microsoft’s Bosque new open source programming language

According to microsoft bosque is comming as: The Bosque programming language is designed for writing code. The code is simple, obvious, and easy to reason about both humans and machines. The key design features of the language provide ways in order to avoid accidental complexity in the development and coding process. The goal is to improve developer […]

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Satellite of nepal lunched sucessfully || First satellite of nepal

The satellite was launched from the Virginia Space’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in the United States. NepaliSat-1 is being carried by a cargo spacecraft lifted into space by Antares rocket. NepaliSat-1 is a cube satellite that weighs 1.3 kg. It is scheduled to be released from the cargo spacecraft into the […]

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Black hole image

Blackhole image ‘most direct proof of their existence’

The first photograph of a black hole and its fiery halo, released on Wednesday by Event Horizon Telescope astronomers. It is the “most direct proof of their existence,” one of the project’s leads scientists told AFP “Blackhole image”. Frederic Gueth, deputy director of the Institute for Millimetric Radio Astronomy (IRAM) in Grenoble, France, talked about the […]

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