Internet service from Nepal Telecom at affordable rates

Wow! Nepal Telecom Internet Service to Students at affordable rates


The government has implemented the decision to provide Nepal Telecom internet service to students at affordable rates. This service is available through Nepal Telecom. Students will activate this service themselves. Here we provide the details and steps to activate the service.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has decided to provide fast and easy internet service to students at affordable rates and schools to facilitate learning. The Ministry of Education had mentioned in the guideline of student learning facilitation passed by the ministerial decision on 19 August that the internet would be provided. That directive has implemented.

The role of the Ministry is clearly written in the guideline to provide affordable rates for data packages for internet services to schools and students by getting free concessional fees for educational work only from internet service providers including Nepal Telecom.

The Ministry of Education had directed the federal, state, and local level governments to implement this directive from September 20. Currently, it has come out with the method of use.

In the implementation information issued by the Ministry, it has stated that the government at all three levels should implement the guidelines to create a learning environment conducive to school age to achieve the learnings specified in the National Curriculum Draft.

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The ministry said the internet service to students at affordable rates has needed after school students complained that online classes were affected by the high cost of the internet. Here’s how to use the free internet.

We request the students and parents to share this information for everyone’s information.

Check out the steps to get internet service at affordable rates.

  1. First of all, take or scan the photo of your campus or school identity card or admission card on your mobile.
  2. Then fill out the KYC form by clicking on the link below
  3. Click on proceed.
  4. Type the 1422 watt OTP verification code in all 3 boxes on your mobile, then click Next. Now the activated message appears.
  5. Recharge the required amount.
  6. * 1441 # Dialog Take the required volume pack and make sure it has activated. Read the class you want with zoom or ms-teams or google meet. It will be free.

Please share information about Nepal Telecom internet service to students at affordable rates with everyone.

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