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Wow, Apple Designs Its Own Face Masks For Employees

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Apple, being the world’s most valuable company, is popular for its design philosophy. Apple invests extra hard on the field of, the design of its own products as well as the design of retail shops that sells its products. Now, Apple designs face masks for employees.

Now, putting efforts into the design philosophy, Apple has designed masks for its employees. Apple face mask to prevent COVID-19.

To prevent the spread of the global pandemic COVID-19 around the world, it is compulsory to wear face masks. So, Apple has also designed its own separate masks for its employees, according to Bloomberg.

apple face mask tim cook
Apple Face Mask

The mask is called ‘Apple Face Mask‘. Apple Company’s Engineering and Industrial Design Team has designed this mask.

Apple face mask benefit

Similarly, the Mac Rumors website also published the news on Apple employee face mask. There are three layers in the Apple Face Mask which prevent incoming and outgoing tiniest particles. Apple Mask can reuse for a maximum of 5 days washing and cleaning it properly.

picture of apple face mask
picture of apple face mask

According to Bloomberg, citing Apple, the Face mask has designed completely after careful research and testing.

Apple’s corporate and retail stores employees will get the mask within the next 2 weeks.

Last April, Apple had announced the design and distribution of the medical personnel face-covering materials. There was a public video message on Twitter where Apple CEO Tim Cook informed about the design of the Face Shield targeted for medical personnel.

He was even showing a demo of the Face Shield and claimed the doctor has also given positive feedback about the shield. According to him, Apple’s face shield will be very easy to pack and wear. Apple Face Shield would manufacture in the United States and China.

Do not forget to comment on your views on apple designs face masks for employees. Apple employee face mask helps to stay safe from COVID-19. Click here to know more about Apple’s face mask.

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