TikTok rejects microsoft offer

What! TikTok rejects Microsoft’s Offer

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What! TikTok rejects Microsoft’s offer. TikTok has rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy US services. The Chinese company has rejected Microsoft’s offer to buy the popular video-sharing app.

US President Donald Trump’s ultimatum to TikTok to sell his US service to a US company expires on Tuesday. In that case, Microsoft said that TikTok has rejected its offer.

TikTok has been in news for so long. After India has banned TikTok and many Chinese applications, many countries had banned the TikTok. Due to national security issues in TikTok, the US asked for TikTok its US business.

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The Trump administration has said TikTok and other Chinese apps pose a national security risk. Trump has said he will impose a ban on Tuesday if TikTok does not sell its US business to a US company. Two US companies, Microsoft and Oracle, have shown interest in buying TikTok.

According to the Wall Street Journal and Reuters, Oracle will buy TikTok. Earlier, it has reported that Oracle was seriously moving to buy TikTok for the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, TikTok has not commented on the rejection of Microsoft’s offer. And the fact that no agreement has reached to sell its business to Oracle.

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