Court block us preparations to ban WeChat

What! The US plans ban WeChat but Court blocked the plan

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A US court has blocked the Trump administration’s plans to ban Chinese messaging and payment app WeChat. Recently, US prepares to ban TikTok. NOw, US prepares to ban WeChat but Court blocked the plan.

U.S. Magistrates’ Court Judge Laurel Bealer has ruled that the ban raises serious questions about the constitutional right to freedom of speech.

The US Department of Commerce announced a ban on WeChat from Sunday. The Trump administration has claimed that Chinese apps, including WeChat and TickTack, pose a threat to national security.

But China and the aforementioned social media apps have denied the US allegations. Tencent, a Chinese company owned by WeChat, said the US move to ban WeChat was unfortunate. Another Chinese app, TikTok, has struck a deal with US companies Oracle and Walmart. And the risk of a ban is expected to lift, but the court order will not stop WeChat.

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A group of WeChat users had filed a lawsuit in a magistrate’s court demanding not to ban WeChat. Hearing that, the court has ordered not to ban WeChat. The Justice Department responded by saying that the ban was part of President Trump’s plan to address threats to national security.

In a San Francisco court, Judge Bealer ruled that the national security challenge posed by China on issues related to general technology and mobile technology was significant, but there was no strong evidence against WeChat. US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a statement that the decision has taken to ban Chinese apps in order to combat China’s move to collect the personal data of US citizens.

WeChat collects a variety of data from users, including network activity, location data, browsing, and searches history, Ross said.

About WeChat

The Chinese app WeChat, found in 2011. This multi-purpose app, used for exchanging messages, mobile payments, and other local services from mobile. WeChat, which has one billion active users monthly, is ‘App for Everything’ in China.

Like other Chinese social media platforms, WeChat has to censor content that the Chinese government says is illegal. Since January 1, 2020, Wichita has banned various terms related to the corona virus epidemic.

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