Two members have infected with Corona Virus | Suncity Apartment

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Two members have infected with Corona Virus | Suncity Apartment. They are residing in Suncity Apartment. During Rapid Test on Monday, three members from the same family have tested positive of the Corona Virus (COVID-19). These family members have arrived in Nepal from the UK in 5th Chaitra. The infection has imported as they have arrived in Nepal 27 days before according to the sources.

They have found antibody-positive during the rapid test on Baishak 1. All three have admitted to the Patan Hospital.

Two members have infected with Corona Virus | Suncity Apartment

COVID-19 patient in Suncity Apartment

Further tests will carry out in Patan Hospital. The sample of the throat swab of each of the family members has taken to test in Patan Hospital. According to the Minister of Health and Population of Nepal, two of them ( mother and son) has infected from Corona Virus (COVID-19). The test result of the Third-person (daughter in law) is negative.

Suncity apartment has 5 buildings and the infected family is living in building A. After they have infected, the police have sealed the apartment. Nobody has allowed getting out of the building. Rapid Test of 298 people of Suncity Apartment (Building A) has taken and all results are found negative. The number of Corona infected cases rises to 16 till the date.

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