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Top 5 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

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In this lock-down, everyone can utilize their time by watching movies that can benefit them. These are the movies that provide an entrepreneur idea to the individual. Here is the list of top 5 movies every entrepreneur should watch.

1) Pirates of Silicon Valley

Cast: Noah Wyle, Anthony Michael Hill, Joey Slotnick, John DiMaggio and others.

Basic Plot:

The film begins with a couple of friends and university students. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who decided to build a computer. This computer could be personal, creating an operating system that allowed this.
Meanwhile, Bill Gates and his friends (who were also university students at that time). They have developed an operating system and decided to present it to a company that needed it for their computers. The company accepted it.
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak managed to transcend in the business world and created a computer company called “Apple”. It became famous for its computers and quickly began to give large amounts of profits.

Meanwhile, Gates and his two companions decided to create Microsoft. They traveled to IBM in order to sell an operating system. It could handle their computers, the problem is that they had not developed a system. And, therefore, decided to buy it from someone who had already developed it and that way sell it to IBM.
Apple continued to work on their new computers; Bill Gates hears about this and decides to go to the Apple facilities to learn more about the new system that was being developed.

2) The Social Network

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, Armie Hammer, and others.

Basic Plot:

The Social Network follows the story of Mark Zuckerberg, a young computer genius attending Harvard University. After breaking up with his girlfriend and some drunken blogging, Mark decides to create a site to rank the sex appeal of Harvard co-eds. He uses his exemplary computer knowledge to download pictures from the online photo catalog’s that each house or dorm at Harvard has for students to get to know one another. He compiles the photos into a website which he dubs similar to where visitors are presented with two pictures and asked to click on the one who they find sexier. The site crashes Harvard’s computer network in a matter of hours, garnering tens of thousands of htis and drawing the ire of the administration. This leads to Mark developing a new website which he calls The Facebook.

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3) Boiler Room

Cast: Giovanni Ribisi, Vin Diesel, Ben Affleck, Nia Long, and others.

Basic Plot:

“Boiler Room” tells the story of a 19-year-old named Seth who makes a nice income running an illegal casino in his apartment. His dad, a judge, finds out about it and raises holy hell. So the kid gets a daytime job as a broker with a Long Island, N.Y., bucket shop that sells worthless or dubious stock with high-pressure telephone tactics. When he was running his casino, Seth muses, at least he was providing a product that his customers wanted.

4) The Wolf of the Wall Street

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Kyle Chandler, and others.

Basic Plot:

In The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort and his partner, Donny Azoff, start a brokerage firm called Stratton Oakmont in the early ’90s. Their company quickly grows to a staff of more than 250. However as their reputation grows on Wall Street, their corruption along the way catches the attention of the Federal Government. That leads to their inevitable downfall.

5) The Pursuit of Happiness

Cast: Will Smith, Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, Thandie Newton, and others.

Basic Plot:

A fairy tale in realist drag, “The Pursuit of Happyness” is the kind of entertainment that goes down smoothly until it gets stuck in your craw. Inspired by a true story, as they like to say in Hollywood, the film traces the fleeting ups and frightening downs of Chris Gardner, whose efforts to keep his family from sinking into poverty evolve into a life-and-death struggle of social Darwinian proportions.
It’s the early 1980s, and while Ronald Reagan is delivering the bad economic news on television, Chris is about to prove you don’t need an army to fight the war on poverty, just big smiles and smarts, and really sturdy shoes. (It also helps that the star playing him is as innately sympathetic as Will Smith.)


We hope this will provide you the new experience in watching movies. You gain the knowledge as the movies try to spread to any individual. If you watched any movies from the given top 5 movies every entrepreneur should watch.

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