Tootle and Pathao started the service

Tootle and Pathao started the service, Traffic took action

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Tootle and Pathao, which were closed due to lockdown, have resumed their services. Due to the closure of public transport, ‘riding’ has started through riding sharing apps. Tootle and Pathao has started the service, but Traffic took action

As soon as such service was started, the traffic police started taking action against the rules.

Tootle, a company that shares Nepali riding, has started the service without taking any commission from the rider. According to the company, the rider started the service by preparing the criteria for using gloves, masks, guggles, and sanitizer.

Pathao, on the other hand, said that the service is being provided to those who need to reach the hospital in case of an emergency. Asimman Singh Basnet, regional director of Pathao, said that only 112 riders were allowed to provide riding services.

How Tootle riders take safety measures?

“We have asked riders to serve only with sanitizers, protective masks, and protective clothing. We also sanitize vehicles after the ride,” he said. He said that the service was started with the social spirit of helping those in trouble as public transport was not running. He says that even though there are 60,000 riders, that is the reason for providing service from 100 people.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police has said that it will not allow the operation of services like Tootle-Pathao under any circumstances. Spokesperson of the Division, Superintendent of Police Bamdev Gautam said that only family members can travel on motorcycles.

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He said there was a risk of spreading the infection while carrying unfamiliar passengers and patients for more commercial purposes. “We will stop and take action wherever we meet,” he said.

He clarified that the action would be taken as per the government decision as the risk of Covid-19 was increasing when the same vehicle was carrying patients and other passengers.

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