Social media is a parasite

Social media is a parasite

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You don’t need social media, but social media needs you. Social media is a parasite. Its life is lived because of your photos, memes, confessions, and expressions. It convinces you that you have to feed yourself on ‘cannibal’ social media with the mentality that you have to be connected to it for your career and mental health.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media are not bad sites at all. But they operate in such a non-social way that they are using others for their own benefit without the approval of others.

These social media attract people by showing greed for promotion and reward. There your work is share in detail. Your purpose is exaggerate. There you are highly excited by any positive feedback.

In fact, social media is the online version of the casino machine. They are designed with a casino-like mentality where people are addicted to increase their profits. And, the only rule of the casino is to win, not to win sooner or later.

If you don’t want to delete your account, delete the app

At the beginning of this summer, I felt my mental capacity was weakened. I was hardly alone at this time of epidemic and social turmoil.

For years I have known that social media is a means to an end. But then I realized that even after scrolling through the social media app for just a few minutes, I started to get frustrated.

Why social media is a parasite?

For personal and business relationships, reading useful articles and occasionally laughing life experiences, the emotional values ​​I thought would be on social media were nothing.

It is consuming my time while as a mother of three I had less free time in myself. It has also eroded my natural endurance and ability to concentrate. And, it made me realize that I must be interested in content that is available on the Internet, which has no meaning or value.

I have shared the experience that even Instagram, the source of funny pictures of my beautiful children, is contaminated. In my experience, Instagram has become a place especially for women, where women feel the worst about themselves.

One day while having lunch, while scrolling through the contents of a Twitter handle called dhbyal, I felt like I decided to delete all kinds of social media apps from my mobile phone. However, I did not delete the social media account and made a rule not to use social media on the phone from now on.

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It’s been 2 months since I did that and I have felt the positive effects in my life.

But I’m not completely against social media. I still open Twitter on my office desktop. Where I read recent journalistic jokes, traditional news as well as discussed articles. It connects me to the rest of the world, but I don’t think it makes much sense.

However, I do not want to show that I have given up social media. All you had to do was make your mobile phone social media free.

The phone has made social media immediately accessible. Whether you are in a supermarket, in-laws, or in an elevator, the social media app on the phone will not let you be lonely and boring.

But the truth is that in order to achieve mental health, creativity and entertaining ability, we need some frustration. That is, we need at least a little space in our minds.

Do not allow social media to be a parasite, it is sucking you everyday.

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