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Scientists Warn, Sixth Catastrophe on Earth begins

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There is beginning of sixth catastrophe on Earth, Scientists warn. Yes, you heard it right. Already five times the most widespread species has become extinct from the earth, after the existence of the earth. Now scientists warn that the sixth catastrophe on Earth begins.

The existence of the earth was from about 4.5 billions years ago. As we all know that five catastrophes had already happened in the earth. In the fifth case, mostly widespread animal dinosaurs disappeared. Now according to the scientists, the earth has now reached the sixth series of catastrophe.

As per the study from the US National Academy of Sciences, it is revealed thousands of species from small birds to animals are becoming extinct on Earth.

Scientists have called the declining number of animals a ‘Global Epidemic’. And it is also said to be the part of sixth great destruction on earth.

The first five catastrophes have considered natural phenomena. But now the cause of the sixth destruction is have an increase in human encroachment on a large number of animals.

Gerardo Ceballos, a researcher at the University of Mexico City says that the research is currently being done for an academic research paper. He says, “It’s not appropriate to say anything about it right now.”

According to the research, scientists claim that 30 percent of all land mammals, amphibians, and reptiles have disappeared. It is believe to have the sixth catastrophe on the earth begins.

In many parts of the world, the number of mammals has dropped by 70 percent due to declining habitat. For example, the number of leopards in the world is limiting to 7000.

Scientists say the number of African barriers has dropped by 43 percent since 1993. According to the scientists, more than 200 species have become extinct in last 100 years.


Here to conclude scientists warn that the sixth catastrophe on earth begins. It is according to some sources some how true. But moreover it has just done for student academic research. It’s not appropriate to say anything about it right now.

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