possibility-area-to-encrease-economy after corona

Possible Area to Increase Economy after Corona

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As the Economy Status is decreasing day to day due to lock-down as world is facing the same problem, therefore there will be a problem in import export too. To make the country Economy Status Strong country should be self-reliant, So some Possibility Area to Increase Economy after Corona(COVID-19)


Nepal has another opportunity to make the country self-reliant in agricultural production. Now there is a high pressure to return to the city from abroad and to go from the city to the village. These people have been unemployed for some time now. They now have the option to create two options at work.

Now, using the skills learned abroad, agricultural produce can be grown in the barren fields in the villages. That will go a long way in meeting the country’s demand. In order to become self-reliant in agriculture, priority should be given to land bank establishment, blockade, commercialization, modernization and mechanization.


Now, skilled and semi-skilled manpower returning from abroad can create employment in Nepal’s own industry. Even skilled and semi-skilled manpower returning from abroad are handling small and medium enterprises in the city. Plans to increase production and productivity should come from stakeholders. By eliminating middlemen in agriculture, an environment should be created for production to get a fair price. Missing employment in the tourism and hotel sectors can revive immediately through agriculture and small scale industries.

Labor Employment

The formation and operation of the National Employment Authority will be an important step for creating new employment opportunities in agriculture, industry, tourism, construction, infrastructure, and many other sectors. From this, comprehensive employment creation programs can buy within the country. This is also the theme envisaged by the 15th Periodic Plan.

The goal is to create productive and dignified employment opportunities in the country and to make foreign employment safe, dignified and systematic. This authority will coordinate with various agencies to create employment and regulate employment related work. NEA also plays an important role in managing the demand and supply of employment.

Integration of Financial Resources

Nepal has set up funds at various stages, especially with the objective of ending poverty, modernizing agriculture, and creating employment. The money in those funds have not utilized properly. These funds can now be integrate under one roof. Resources can mobilize by keeping the Youth Self-Employment Fund, Poverty Alleviation Fund, Prime Minister’s Agriculture Modernization, Prime Minister’s Employment Program, and other funds in one place.

What will be the Economy Status After Corona?

After Crisis

The Corona crisis has brought together challenges and opportunities. Such challenges and opportunities need to be identified and lifted out of the current economic and social crisis. COVID-19 should assess the damage in full, partial, and general damage/loss area / sub-area. Then there is the challenge of managing the financial/financial assistance programs needed for immediate relief and its financial burden in an appropriate manner.

The Post-COVID Financial Needs Identification (PCNA) will prepare by recommending various financial instruments, internal and external resource options required for this. The framework for implementing these recommendations, measures, and options will also be ensured. The framework for implementing these recommendations, measures, and options will also be ensured.

Although e-commerce is the growing business during the lock-down, for educational propose different AI Classroom application is running currently.


Here is some of details about the possible area to increase the economy after Corona. Due to the lock-down of Corona Outbreak, the world is facing various economy crisis in the world. I hope you find some useful information.

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