Find a suitable boy or girl in the “Panchey Baaja” application

Panchey Baaja application

Are you tired of searching suitable boy or girl for marriage? Do you want to meet your future life partner? You are in the right place, here we present the “Panchey Baaja” application in the Google play store and apple store.

You can also find a suitable bride or groom at home. Half Full Technology has brought ‘Panchebaja’ app to help find a boy or a girl for marriage. With this app, you can search for your children or any other relatives according to what kind of bride or groom you want to find.

If you are looking for a boy or a girl, you can search through this app. There are many such apps in the world. In Nepal, people are using some American dating apps like Tinder, Indian app Saathi and other apps.

Half Full Technology brings this Panchey Baaja application as it is more sophisticated and useful than these apps. With this app, which was officially made public a decade ago, not only dating but also finding a life partner can be done. Sandeep Poudyal, the founder/manager of the company, says that the app was brought with the aim of making it easy to find the bride or groom of one’s choice.

This app will play a role in finding a boy for a girl and a boy for a girl. Poudyal says that in the general sense of Nepali, it will do the job of Lami. “There are three types of marriages now, one is arranged marriage, the other is love marriage and Facebook marriage,” he says.

He said that he could not find such a person on Facebook but he could do so on this application. On the other hand, there are also works of cheating by creating fake accounts on Facebook. But here, there is less possibility of cheating by creating a fake account, says Poudyal.

How to install the Panchey Baaja application?

This app is available on both Android mobile and iPhone. After going to Play Store or App Store and downloading the ‘Panchey Baaja’ app, you will be able to create your profile.

After creating a profile with a picture, you should also mention the information of the partner you want, the community, how much educational qualification you have, and how you want to be employed or PR abroad.

The app will ask you to upload selfie photos after other photos so that you don’t wear fake profiles. If selfies and other photos do not match, the app will indicate ‘red’ signal which can be considered suspicious. In case of taking selfies and other pictures, the ‘green’ sign will appear saying that it is not fake. This will prevent you from creating a profile for cheating. The company is preparing to create more security vigilance in the future.

Once the profile is created, it will show them the potential prospects you want. Suppose, if you need an engineer living in Kathmandu, you will have to fill in the details accordingly. Then it will show all the engineers living in Kathmandu. It also shows how much you got and how much he wanted. You can also compromise yourself by looking at that. Once you have the people in the area you need, only the people in that area will show up for you. If you are looking for a girl, only a girl, and if you are looking for a boy, only a boy.

The company is currently only in the app and is preparing to make it available on the web in a few months. The use of technology has been increasing lately. The company estimates that this app may be popular among Nepalis as internet access has also reached the villages.

One can download the Panchey Baaja application from the following links.
Google Playstore:
Apple store:

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