Ncell brings 'Nonstop YouTube' offer

Ncell brings ‘Nonstop YouTube’ offer

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All 4G customers of Ncell have been able to take advantage of the video streaming platform YouTube. Ncell brings the ‘Nonstop YouTube’ offer. It is said that watching video content consumes a lot of data. Customers can use YouTube at a lower cost.

Ncell has introduced an attractive ‘Nonstop YouTube’ offer for its 4G customers under its new ‘Plus’ theme.

Under the ‘Plus’ themed non-stop YouTube offer, customers can definitely watch YouTube videos at 480p for a week at just Rs 100 (excluding tax only Rs 127.69).

In this offer, customers will also be able to take advantage of 4 GB of 4G all Time all Network data.

The company says that the non-stop YouTube and 4GB all-time network data on the 4G network. It will be valid for 7 days from the day it is activated.

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Customers who activate this pack will also be able to avail attractive packs for Facebook and TikTok at affordable rates.

After activating the non-stop YouTube pack, customers will be able to get 3500 MB of additional data at the rate of 500 MB every day for 7 days at only Rs. 20 (including tax only 25.53).

The Customer uses the data to run Facebook. Ncell says that customers who prefer to buy TikTok for the same fee can enjoy 3500 MB of additional data for 7 days at the rate of 500 MB every day.

Customers will be able to get both data for Facebook and TikTok as per their requirements. Ncell’s 4G customers can easily activate this pack as per the instructions received by dialing *17123*1#.

Ncell believes that this offer, which includes bundling with 4G All Time All Network Data. More data at very affordable rates for popular social networks Facebook and TikTok, will provide additional benefits to customers.

To avail of the benefits of Nonstop YouTube under this offer, the customer must have Ncell 4G SIM card, 4G-enabled mobile, and Ncell’s 4G network coverage.

Customers can upgrade their 3G SIM card to 4G SIM for free by visiting the nearest Ncell Center. In addition, customers who upgrade their SIM will get an additional 1 GB of day pack data for free.

Ncell has stated that it will bring more innovative services and facilities for the customers as per its commitment and under the new ‘Plus’ theme.

Ncell brings various services every year. Now, Ncell brings ‘Nonstop Youtube’ offer for the customers’ benefit.

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