Microsoft is buying TikTok

Wow! Microsoft is buying TikTok

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Initially, Trump has warned to ban TikTok in the USA. But now, Microsoft is buying TikTok, Trump also supports this idea. There are many ways for the American company Microsoft to buy Chinese app TikTok.

US President Donald Trump has withdrawn his protest against Microsoft’s plans to buy TikTok in the US. However, Trump said that the US government should also be given a special share in the agreement between TikTok’s parent company ByteDance and Microsoft.

Earlier last week, Trump warned to ban TikTok in the United States. Despite Trump’s warnings, Microsoft said it was still negotiating a TikTok purchase agreement.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, met with the US President on Sunday. Following the talks, President Trump backtracked on the ban. Microsoft has said it fully supports President Trump’s move to prioritize security concerns.

According to Microsoft, it will review the security of the app as soon as it buys the TikTok. Microsoft said in a blog post that “the US government will also be briefed on the economic benefits of the TikTok purchase agreement.”

Microsoft is confident that the deal with its parent company, ByteDance, will be completed by September. However, as the TikTok purchase talks are still in the early stages, it is not possible to say that the purchase and sale agreement will be finalized.

Microsoft has said it wants to buy TikTok rights in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, along with the United States.

Microsoft will also call on other US investors to invest in TikTok.

The data for all US TikTok users have transferred to the US from other countries and will now remain in the US, Microsoft said.

He says data stored outside the United States will be transferred to US data centers and US user data in those countries will be removed.

“We appreciate President Trump’s personal initiative to provide the country with strong security,” Microsoft said in a statement.

What is American concern?

According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s move to buy TikTok was unsure of Trump’s earlier warnings to close TikTok.

Even US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in the coming days that the government would take action against national security risks posed by software linked to the Chinese Communist Party. The United States has said that TikTok was one of the “software related to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Remember that in 2017, ByteDance Company had started TikTok. He then bought a video service called Musically, which was very popular among young people all over the world.

There are currently 500 million TikTok users worldwide. 80 million of the users in the United States alone. Most of the TikTok users are 20 years of age or younger.

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U.S. officials have accused ByteDance of leaking data on U.S. users on the TikTok to the Chinese government. A White House spokesman said in a statement that there were “serious security concerns” about the TikTok system and that the government would continue to evaluate its future policy.

Will Microsoft buy TikTok?

ByteDance, on the other hand, put forward an important proposal to the White House. It also offered employment to thousands of Americans within three years.

With the purchase of TikTok in the US market, Microsoft will have a strong foothold in the field of social media. The social media site Linked In also belongs to Microsoft.

TikTok sales in the United States currently range from 15 billion to 30 billion.

TikTok has not commented on the news that Microsoft is buying TikTok. A spokesman for TikTok said he would not comment on rumors and speculation and was confident TikTok would be successful in the long run.

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