Instagram ready to release its own TikTok

Instagram ready to release its own TikTok

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The rising popularity of the video-sharing app TikTok has attracted the world’s leading technology companies. Following the controversial Chinese app TikTok, the popular photo-sharing app Instagram ready to release its own TikTok.

Announcing this on Friday, Instagram revealed that it is preparing to launch its video-sharing feature. The name of the video-sharing service of Instagram will be ‘Reels‘.

Reels will launch in the United States and 50 other countries in August. Remember, Instagram has started testing reels in India since last week. Given India’s ban on TikTok, Instagram sees the launch of Reels in India as a test.

A Facebook spokesperson said: “We are always looking for what people want and are constantly innovating to improve the user experience. Keeping in mind the desires of the people platforms like Snap, TikTok, and others were creating. But we can do that in a new way through Instagram than on those platforms and address the demands of our community.”

More about Instagram Reels

In Instagram’s video sharing feature Reels, users will be able to record, edit 15-second videos, add their favorite music and audio, and upload them to Stories and Instagram’s Explore feature.

Instagram and its parent company Facebook are ahead in learning the various features of other apps. In 2016, Facebook and Instagram launched the stories feature, which allows users to share their lost content within 24 hours.

This feature became very popular on Instagram and within 8 months, the number of users of the Instagram stories features surpassed the number of Snapchat users. And later that number doubled in 2018.

Instagram is not alone in learning about TikTok’s growing popularity. Even YouTube is making its own TikTok, named Shorts. Also, YouTube Shorts will make public by the end of 2020.

India has banned TikTok along with 59 Chinese applications because of its enmity with China. TikTok is the most popular application around the world. So many popular leading IT companies are building their own TikTok like applications. Instagram ready to release its own TikTok till August.

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