How to google like a pro

Tech Tips

Google like pro. It has owned many services like gmail youtube, drive many more…

Google face more than 5 billion request per day. Now a days everyone for a small query they request through the google people are clearly using the google engine for a little bit of everything.

Thus focusing on that how to google like a professional some technique that you have to follow as:

  • You can operate any type of mathematical operation like +,-,*,/ , doller exchange rate, mm to cm, degree to Fahrenheit through the engine provide you the exact result
  • search for a specific domain as tech news this provide you a techolation domain with title tech news
  • Use double quotes for your search keywords like “Techolation google search technique”
  • If you need for a pdf file or any bookes search like : information technology filetype:pdf
  • You can search through the title from the whole google website as: allintitle:search google like a professional
  • use intext: google like a pro.  It gives all the result from the site having a text google like a pro

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