how to earn money online

How to earn money online?


Are you here to know the idea to earn money? If yes, you are in the right place to know about how to earn money online. We suggest various ways to know about the technique to earn money online.


It is one of the most popular online platforms. We can earn money by providing video to youtube. Prepare content that can attract the viewer. Think of a unique concept that can be helpful to the viewer. Make your content stronger than the competitors. There are many youtube users they have to think of new concepts and ideas to make their channel better. The basic idea to earn money from youtube is to think and create new and unique content and make a youtube channel. You can earn money if you get advertisements on your channel.
Following are the terms and conditions applied to earn money from youtube:

  • 1000 subscribers of the YouTube channel that you create.
  • 40000 watch time of the videos in your channel.


It is another way to earn money online by adding unique content. First, create a blog from google account which provides you a free domain and hosting. Then add a unique and new idea with meaningful and strong content. Following are the terms and conditions applied to earn money from Blogging:

  • Min 20 uniques post
  • No Copywrite content

News Portal

It is another most effective and useful way to earn money online. By providing recent and important news to the viewers helps to earn money. One can create a useful news portal to the viewers by adding strong content and attract the viewer. Also, adding a unique and interesting title to the news one can gain viewers. Following are the terms and conditions applied to earn money from News Portal:

  • Min 20 uniques post
  • No Copywrite content

Affiliate Marketing

It is the process of earning money by advertising other people’s products. You can earn money by promoting other company’s things. This can be possible by creating a review blog or creating the details and review details of such products. This is actually the commission you get from one’s company for each sale that you make.


Freelancing is one of the best platforms to get work and add the work to hire the developer. It helps you to get the project and earn money by completing the project. It also helps to earn money from foreign workers. Here one can find all the technology, IT-related works like application development, software development, content writing, and many more. It is a useful platform to showcase ones’ talent. Some conditions applied to earn money from Freelancing are as follows:

  • Build a strong profile portfolio.
  • Review from the hiring company/user.
  • All about profile portfolio and biding price with freelancing reviews


It is the place that connects the project buyer and seller. It helps people to find the project. The buyer look for the services and the seller provide the services according to the buyers desire. It helps to earn money as a commission if buyer buys the service from the seller.


I hope this provide you with some new techniques to earn money online. In this world, handwritten or old concept are dominated by the new technology.

Comment your views on this post about the idea you approached to earn money online.

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