Best 10 Websites that every professional hacker use (Hacker Websites)


Are you interested in Ethical hacking if yes here is some information about websites that every professional hacker will use? Where Ethical hackers bypass system security and also search for any weak point that could be exploited by malicious hackers. Best 10 Websites that every professional hacker use. Also, Top hacker websites

List of websites (Hacker Websites)

1) Dnsdumpster

Find the DNS records from an organization and research regarding DNS which find & lookup records deeper is mostly used hacker websites.
Find DNS records in order to identify the Internet footprint of an organization. This is the hacker website where hackers can easily hack the organization system or website by examining the DNS of the organization.

2) Verify-email

This email verification tool actually connects to the mail server
and checks whether the mailbox exists or not.
Now let’s know how email account gets hacked:

  • You fell for a phishing scam that asked you to “confirm” your password.
  • You didn’t log out of your account after using a public PC or device. 
  • You used a weak, easy-to-guess password or have been using the same password across multiple sites.
  • You didn’t use up-to-date security software on your PC.
  • You used an unsecured Wi-Fi network where hackers were able to eavesdrop on your data and intercept your passwords. 
  • Your email address was harvested by spammers.


It provides the first and best source for all the information you are looking for. It also finds an IOT device and bugs in android WordPress PHPMyAdmin and much more.

4) Search CVE List

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE®) is a list of entries — each containing an identification number, a description, and at least one public reference — for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

5) National Vulnerability Database (NVD)

NVD is the U.S. government repository of standards-based vulnerability management data represented using the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). This data also enables the automation of vulnerability management, security measurement, and compliance. NVD also includes databases of security checklists, security-related software flaws, misconfigurations, product names, and impact metrics.


GreyNoise Intelligence is a cybersecurity company that collects, labels, and also analyzes Internet-wide scan and attack data. It is also one of the hacker websites.

Some more hacker websites


Hackers used this website to find the bugs in the system they want to hack. You can find bugs here.


Shodan is the world’s first search engine for Internet-connected devices. Also, use Shodan to discover which of your devices is been connected to the Internet.

9) Website Vulnerability Scanner

The Web Vulnerability Scanner finds website vulnerabilities like SQLi, XSS, server misconfiguration, and many more. Also, use our Website Scanner to check your web security.

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10) Hack This Site

HackThisSite! is a legal and safe network security resource where users test their hacking skills on various challenges and learn about hacking and network security. Also provided are articles, comprehensive and active forums, and guides and tutorials. Learn how to hack!“


All this information is been provided as information for white hackers. Although Hacking is illegal to do. Also, utilize this knowledge if you want to build a secure system. Here are the brief details of hacker websites.

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