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Free WiFi around the World

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Yes, you heard it right. It is preparing to provide free WiFi around the world. Chinese company Link Sure Network is planning to launch satellite soon in 2020.

A Chinese company will launch its satellite into space in the near future, aiming to provide free WiFi service around the world.

If the Chinese company Link Sure Network’s plan is successful,all the people of the world will have access to high speed WiFi internet directly from 2020 via satellite.

According to the company, the satellite will be launched next year from Jiangsu Launch Center in Jiangsu Province, China. It is planned to send ten more such satellites into space by 2020.

Similarly, by 2026, there will be 272 such satellites of Link Sure in space. It will provide free WiFi network all over the world.

According to Wang Jigging, CEO of the company, the company will invest about Rs. 5000 crore to make the project a successful.

According to Chinese media, people will be able to easily connect the WiFi network coming from space to their smartphones and gadgets.

The space network will operate in areas where telecom networks and other Internet providers are inaccessible.

According to the report, more then 3 billion people worldwide do not have access to the Internet.

Remember that a company called SpaceX has received approval to send 7000 Starlink satellites into space this year. The company will launch 1600 satellites into space in the next few years to provide internet service to earth from space.

Apart from SpaceX, companies like Google, OneWeb and Telesat are also preparing to come up with similar plans. If all the plans are successful, the satellites and balloons of these companies will also provide high speed internet service to earth from space.


Here it is known we will have free WiFi around the world in near future. It helps the people deprived of internet services where telecom and other internet service providers do not reach.

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