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Keeping in mind the problems due to Covid-19, Digital Sidha Dan using Hamro Patro App in Shora Shraddha. Shora Shraddha is the ritual followed by Hindu people in the remembrance of their ancestors.

The popular mobile application ‘Hamro Patro’ has brought the facility of digital ‘Sida Dan’ in memory of the fathers. This service has been started with the objective of facilitating the completion of the good deeds during the time of the ongoing ban and the risk of spreading the infection of Covid-19.

In the current situation where social distance has to be maintained to prevent the spread of Corona infection. So, it has become inconvenient for Pandits to visit different houses to perform the process of Shraddha and ‘Sida Dan‘. To perform rituals in remembrance of fathers, ‘Hamro Patro’ has made a method of donating directly from the app.

Summary of Digital Sidha Dan using Hamro Patro App

Under this service, experienced Vedic gurus certified by Hamro Patro will help you. It includes the complete process of direct donation through a video call from home. This special task of father dedication can be accomplished using technology under our online astrology service.

“In the current difficult situation, it would be more appropriate to satisfy the fathers by donating directly than to be deprived of the process of special Shora Shraddhas for the remembrance of the fathers”, said astrologer Guru Narayan Prasad Dulal. “But this is not shraddha, pinda dan, and tarpan.”

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This facility may be suitable for all in case not possible to call the Vedic Gurus physically and offer shraddha and sida. Those who are out of the country go to the temple or to the place where the Guru Pandits are located. They donate yellow lentils, rice, ghee, oil, vegetables, and other pure ingredients as part of the food of the fathers.

How to donate Sidha through Gurus using the ‘Hamro Patro‘ application?

  • According to Guru Dulal, the service will be available from 5 AM to 1 PM Nepali time. Also, for devotees abroad from 7 to 10 PM Nepali time.
  • Before donating directly, some formal preparations and rules have to be fulfilled. After bathing in the morning, take clean water and return to the south in remembrance of your fathers.
  • Whenever possible you should have rice, vegetables, pulses, salt, turmeric, spices, sugar, sesame seeds, honey, ghee, curd, fruits, offerings, water, basil leaves, etc prepared.
  • Prepare the list of deceased fathers, grandfathers, old grandfathers in your lineage. Also, a list of deceased mothers, fathers, grandfathers, old grandparents, and as far as possible, other patriarchs.
  • It is best for the donor to wear satvic (White or Yellow) clothing. Do not include black, blue, green, and red clothes as much as possible.
  • After completing the above-mentioned rules, click here to open the website of ‘Hamro Patro‘. For application (For android Click Here for ios Click Here).
  • You can take advantage of this feature by clicking on ‘Sidha Dan’ on the homepage of the ‘Hamro Patro‘ application.
  • ( On the website, there is Sidha Dan at the top. You can also join Sidha Dan by clicking on the online guru of our astrology right below the three-line (Menu) at the top of the left side of the app.)
  • Scrolling the page (moving down) Start the process of direct donation with the Vedic Gurus next to the last ‘Talk to Jyotish’ Click on the text.
  • Now click on the place where it says ‘Submit Dakshina’. Dakshina has to pay a fee of Rs 500.
  • If you are in Nepal, select the option available to you from eSewa, Khalti, and Connect IPS and submit it to Dakshina. For those outside Nepal, you can pay Dakshina using MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, etc.
  • After doing so, you will see a list of Gurus and Pandits online. Start a video call by clicking on one of the pundits’ icons.
  • In this way, you can make a video call and start the process for direct donation through the available Guru and Pandit. A mobile number will not require. But an internet connection is a must.
  • Through a live video call, the Guru will facilitate you by giving you information about the procedures required for Sida Dan and follow the instructions of the Guru, you can complete the Sida Dan accordingly.
  • In the present situation, from anywhere in the world, on the day of your father’s date in sixteen shraddhas, you can earn merit by fulfilling the resolution of Sida Dan in his name through the Vedic Gurus of Nepal.
  • Resolved Sidha can donate respectfully to the nearest Brahmins, ashrams, temples, or the poor and needy except your own tribe at a convenient time.
  • This service of ‘Hamro Patro‘ is not in accordance with the process of complete shraddha. This is just a simple process of making a direct donation with the help of a Pandit / Guru. This will perform to remember the fathers reverently in the most complex situations.

This service of ‘Hamro Patro‘, which will be available on the website from Wednesday. But it will take a few days to be released in the app. This service is for the period of Shora Shraddha only.

Hamro Patro‘ urges us to stay at home and maintain social distance. Also, fulfill the proper responsibility of culture and Vedic Sanatan rituals.

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