is wordpress secure

Is WordPress Secure?

Every six months or so, there’s some news story about how insecure WordPress is. It generally sounds something like, there was a major breach where hundreds of thousands of WordPress sites are vulnerable due to some sort of security flaw, usually in a plug-in or some sort of other ancillary systems to WordPress. And any time that story comes up, people immediately ask […]

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Object | Class | Polymorphism | Encapsulation

OOPS CONCEPTS Object-oriented refers to a programming language, system or software methodology that is built on the concepts of logical objects. It also works through the creation, utilization, and manipulation of reusable objects to perform a specific task, process or objective. Object | Class | Polymorphism | Encapsulation | Data Abstraction. Object | Class | […]

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Programming Language C++ is doing well in the TIOBE Index than PYTHON.

This month C++ is back at position 3, swapping places with Python. This is certainly not because Python is in decline: Python is scoring all time highs almost every month. It is just that C++ is also getting more and more popular. C++ is still far away from its popularity in the beginning of this […]

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