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What Fuse Classroom is?

Fuse Classroom helps colleges and universities throughout Nepal and other developing countries in the world make all their curriculum available online. By integrating all the tools instructors need in a traditional classroom and the software that administrators need to run their schools into one online platform, Fuse Classroom is truly a one-stop AI-powered educational experience.


What Fude Machine Say?

Fusemachines says that the stage is intended to make creative web based learning encounters for understudies with AI highlights intended to screen progress, answer questions, and make keen proposals to understudies who need support with courses. The stage additionally “smoothes out other school activities outside of the study hall for directors and personnel including scholastic guiding, network building, and graduated class highlights.” It needs to change the general school involvement with a wide range of measurements utilizing AI.

“Our core mission at Fusemachines is to Democratize AI. We are constantly thinking about how AI can be used to better the world. More than one year ago, we began building an education platform with the intention of helping schools to create a better online learning experience for students and recognized a need to help streamline core school operations beyond the classroom as well,” said Sameer Maskey, founder and CEO of Fusemachines.

Founder of Fuse Machine?

Fusemachines is a leader in AI education and talent solutions provider. Fusemachines, founded by Sameer Maskey, Ph.D., who is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University, now has a presence across four countries –  Nepal, United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic with more than 250 full-time employees. Fusemachines is seeking to bring its global expertise in AI to help transform education institutions around the world.

How To Use?

Build an Implementation Plan

Our specialists work directly with Principals, Administrators, Faculty, and Students to build a strategic plan for implementing the platform. contact

Conduct Training

We help to develop a curated training program specifically designed to address the needs of administrators, faculty, and students. In this phase, we help Colleges and Universities successfully adopt the Fuse Classroom platform.contact

Ensure Successful Adoption

To provide consistent support to our College and University partners, our specialists ensure the highest quality online experience, even as needs change and evolve.contact

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