250 million gamers targeted by hackers

250 million gamers targeted by hackers

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Online gaming enthusiasts have recently become the target of hackers. 250 million gamers targeted by hackers, Data theft with the help of viruses.

According to a recent public report, cybercriminals are stealing gamers’ data with the help of popular Trojan malware.

Due to such hacking threat various European countries have shut down supercomputers. Visit this site for more information: Europe has shut down supercomputers after cyber attack

The virus helps hackers steal users’ passwords. According to cybersecurity experts, this virus is very dangerous. The virus steals users’ sensitive data by disabling two-factor authentication of users of the digital platform Discord, especially used by gaming enthusiasts.

This virus gains access to the user’s system data as well as attacks other users’ systems. The virus, called AnarchyGrabber3, is also available for free on hacker forums. The virus is also very dangerous. This virus can hack many of the videos which are also available on YouTube.

Data theft with the help of viruses

According to a report from Blipping Computer, the YouTube videos also mention ways to steal Discord user data. Hackers are easily attacking Doscord users with the virus.

In fact, the virus enters the gaming user’s system as a game cheat code, hacking tool or copyright software. The virus then installs on the user’s computer or smartphone.

The discarded JavaScript files will be changed once it is installed. The virus then starts stealing data from the user’s discarded tokens.

This virus modifies the Discord user’s index.js file and loads a script containing the virus called discordmod.js. The virus then disables the account’s two-factor authentication when users try to log in to the system.

Once two-factor authentication is disabled, the hacker uses the webhook to send the user’s email ID, login name, user token, plain text password, and IP address to a discarded channel.

At the same time, the hacker tries to infect the systems of other users who are friends of the victim.

Discarded platforms have been gaining popularity among online gamer lately. Discord has more than 250 million users worldwide. There are 15 million users who play games on it every day.


Online gaming is a new and rapidly growing interest to the youngster these days. So, hackers are targeting gamers. It is known that 250 million gamers are targeted by hackers.

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